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Lauralton Hall

Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton Hall is a girls catholic high school. Approaching their 100th year they were in need of a website that could provide information, education and community. Students, teachers, alumnae, prospective students, and parents all needed up to the minute news, bulletins and contact information. Calendars for sports and events, classroom pages, assignments, research links, alumnae community, club and sport pages and results, were some of the features needed.

Awayke developed the initial solution that provided areas for each type of user to find the information pertinent to them. By using a dynamic structure with a cms, information can be updated on the site quickly and easily. A browser based form allows non-technical school personnel to post news articles and bulletins right to the home page, with pages for their articles in detail inside. Then, with School Fusion, helped to expand the site to include communities, calendars and classrooms. All with integrated navigation so users can move fluidly and quickly though the site to the information they need.

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