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So you have a web site, and you smartly promote in all your communications. But how do you move beyond that and increase traffic and grow your business? How do you get found by the right people among billions of sites? Search Engine Marketing is the answer. The web has become the vehicle for listing your company. Where ages ago the Yellow Pages was the tool, the internet now rules.

Whether you’re a local business, work nationally or even internationally, search engine strategies will get your site found by the people who need your products or services. The first step is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which provides all the spiders and robots scanning the web the information they need to place your site in ‘natural’ search results. This may include some invisible coding on pages, robot helper files on your site, registering your site with the search engines and creating listings on local search channels.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows you to create ads that will appear as a sponsored or featured site to relevant searches. You can set your monthly budget and pay for clicks or impressions of your ad, and even limit it to searches performed within a specific region or geographic area.


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