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For many people, the first touch they’ll have with your company is a visit to your web site. They’ll have seen your phone book listing, business card or other marketing media (all of which are smartly including your url), have a need for your products or services and want to check you out. What they won’t want to do is make a blind call into your company, so they’ll visit your web site first. Your web site provides valuable 24/7 access to your company, crucial information for a potential customer, and most importantly for the prospect, total anonymity. The visitor can find, or not find, all they need to decide whether or not to contact your company and how to do it. This first touch is the first impression that will heavily influence potential customers.

So how is your first touch? When a customer visits your site, how are they greeted? Does the design reflect the nature of your company and industry? Is it clean and professional? A no frills design is fine if you’re a low price leader, but won’t reflect well on a high-end financial consultant. If your site looks amateurish, then so will your company. What about the information architecture? Is the information that a prospect or customer would want on your site? Is it clear and easy to navigate? If the visitor gets lost in your site and can’t find the right information then your company will look incompetent and you’ll likely lose your prospect or customer. Being able to find the information quickly and easily will make your company look competent and efficient and get your prospect to pick up the phone.


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